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I Beat Academic Depression and Still Graduated

It started with a lack of motivation, procrastination, and poor time-management. 

Then it became chronic stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Before I knew it, I was in severe academic depression and had two choices: drop out of school or overcome.

The thing is, I was an adult when this happened. I understood what was happening to me and how to get support. But today, with the isolation of online learning, teens are now the ones having to overcome this and they feel alone.


This is why my teaching methodology includes cognitive behaviour therapy practices and life coaching techniques to provide each student with the full support they deserve. 

Lauren Rennie, M.A.

-Educator: English Language, EAL, various topics in humanities and social sciences.

-Internationally Recognized Life Coach: Specializing in Youth Enrichment.

-Youth Mentor: Canadian and international students in sec. or

-CERT CBT & NLP Practitioner: Delivered in academic and mentorship settings for teens.

-Formal Training: Anthropology (McMaster University); Teaching in Higher Education (MacPherson Institute)

Online Tutor

Online Academic Coach

Renren Academy

How I Became Enrichment Coach

Teaching has always been a natural instinct for me.  From starting off as a dance and snowboard instructor in my youth to leading science camps in university, the jobs I picked up always belonged to a role as an educator.  Eventually, this landed me as an ESL and English writing teacher in a Chinese learning center where I taught grades 6-12.  Alongside this, I was also gaining experience as a university TA and exams officer, an international education consultant, and a youth mentor for exchange students. 

By combining my teaching skills with my training as a life coach (CBT and NLP practitioner), I've turned my focus to building a new teaching methodology that offers teens not only academic support but enrichment in their personal development as well.  With private lessons, my students learn academic skills through experiences that build self-awareness, strengthening their communication for authentic self-expression, and establishing healthy habits for a goal-oriented attitude that will lead them to self-actualization. 

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