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Renren Academy is proud to serve students from all different educational backgrounds and learning levels. Find out how our services have helped students grow into stronger more confident learners. 

Hear what people are saying

Kate, Parent


Before working with Lauren, my son (age 16) struggled with low self-esteem, communication, and mood regulation. Lauren helped him overcome these issues by teaching him new skills for self-actualization which helped him start making new choices for more positive outcomes in his life. After six weeks we started noticing a difference in his confidence and emotional well-being. All of the sessions were done online which made it comfortable and easy. A few months since then, the results continue to grow. Lauren not only helps students when sessions take place together but she teaches them skills that they can use for the rest of their life.

Oyster, Student


I struggled with essays when I was in high school. My friend recommended me to Lauren and I have been working with her for over 3 years.  Lauren is really easy to talk to and always knows what to do with different types of writing assignments.

She is supportive, collaborative, and inspirational. A great English teacher I would always love to work with!

Sean, Parent


We have two kids, 11 and 13. They do well in school, but their English writing is not so great. That is why we come to Lauren. Now after my kids are tutored by Lauren in the last few months, we see significant improvement in their English writing. Lauren is excellent in teaching kids, she is not someone who just corrects grammar mistakes and also shows a good writing should look like, she has experience and method to find out what their English level is, what they need, and how to improve their English writing systematically. During teaching English writing, Lauren also helps kids in areas of self-confidence, motivation and learning efficiency like a personal coach. We can see kids really like the classes and do better in school too.

Maggie, Student


I am so grateful for the schedule we made together. It’s the only reason why I turned in my essays on time. It made me get way more of my essays done earlier than I would have. Honestly, I’ve been so stressed lately, however this schedule helped me prioritize and manage time better. As a matter of fact, the schedule made me less stressed. During this experience, I have drastically decreased my phone usage (from 5hrs/day to 2-1hrs/day), especially the amount of time spent on a specific app, Tiktok. This really shocked me and made me value my time more. I now realize that I'm never going to get my time back to complete my assignments and time won’t wait for me. Seeing how many positive changes this has brought into my life, making me procrastinate less and get more work done. I want to continue making schedules and keep practicing good habits such as planning to going outside for fresh air and keeping my phone in a different room while I work.

Rudy, Student


Before working with Lauren I used to perform terribly in English. As I continued to do worse it started to affect me via anxiety and stress, as I felt my writing was beginning to be a lost cause. Even when I put in the effort I couldn’t find success in my writing. However, once I started working with Lauren I saw a drastic change, especially in my essay writing. I worked with Lauren for about a year and a half, in the period I was able to bring my 70 in English the previous year to an 89. Once my marks improved I began seeing changes in my mood and the anxiety I once felt started to dissipate.
I am now much more confident as a writer thanks to Lauren. As I move on to post-secondary I will definitely continue to seek Lauren for her guidance and help.

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